Exchange and Return Policy

Replacement and return policy:

Champions Store adopts the exchange and return policy in accordance with the new Consumer Protection Law promulgated by Law No. 181 of 2018.

We present it as follows:-

First: Replacement and Return Within the 14-day Period from the Date of Receiving the Commodity Without Reason.

The Consumer Has the Right to Replace the Commodity Or Return it with a Refund of its Cash Value, and is Obligated to Submit the Purchase invoice Without giving reasons and without incurring any Expenses within 14 days of Receiving it.

As an Exception to This, The Consumer May Not Exercise the Right of Exchange or Return in the Following Cases:

1- If the nature of the commodity, its characteristics, or the way it is packaged or packaged, prevents it from being replaced or returned, or it is impossible to return it to the condition it was in when it was received.

2- If the commodity is not in the same condition it was in at the time of sale for a reason attributed to the consumer.

3- Sports devices and equipment of all kinds that were dismantled and installed by the customer.

4- Sports clothing if its covers are removed.

Second: Replacement or return of defective goods within 30 days from the date of receipt

After Presenting the Purchase invoice, the Consumer has the right, within 30 Days of Receiving the Commodity, to Exchange it or Return it with a Refund of its Cash Value if it is Defective.

In these cases, the consumer must resort to the supplier (the seller, the distributing company, or the guarantor company) and clarify the defect.

In these cases, the supplier is obligated, based on the consumer’s request, to replace the commodity or retrieve it with a refund of its value without any additional cost to the consumer within a week from the date of the consumer’s resort to it, and the refund of the paid amount shall be in the same method of purchase.

In the Event of a Dispute about the existence of a defect in the commodity, the consumer has the right to file a complaint with the agency, which in turn examines and investigates the complaint, communicates with the supplier and issues a binding decision in this regard.

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