Crazy Fit Massage Machine – Maximum User Weight 150kg

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Crazy Fit Massage Machine Specifications:

  • Brand: Other
  • Product thickness: 45 cm
  • Product weight when shipping and storing: 5000g
  • Device type: multi-use massager
  • Target group: Unisex
  • Maximum user weight: 150 kg
  • Dimensions of the device: 21 cm * 87 cm * 44 cm

In stock


Description of Crazy Fit Massage Machine :

  • Losing weight by burning calories without effort.
  • Increase blood circulation to the body in general and back muscles in particular.
  • Eliminate the pain resulting from muscle tension of the back and leg muscles.
  • The possibility of doing exercises on the device in different positions (sitting and standing), as well as the possibility of massaging parts of the body (legs and arms).
  • The device helps get rid of lactic acid resulting after exercise or exertion, which causes pain and muscle cramps
  • Maximum user weight is 150 kg.
  • The motor has a capacity of 1.25 HP with a regular capacity. -The speed is 1 – 99 km.
  • Control: The device is equipped with a remote control and aerobics ropes for hand exercises.
  • Dimensions of the device are 21 cm x 87 cm x 44 cm.
  • The range of motion is up to 10 mm in both directions.
  • A crystal screen with multiple counters that measure time, speed, and programs.
  • Programs The device has 9 training programs at different speeds.
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Crazy Fit Massage - crazy fit massage machine - Maximum user weight 150 kg

Crazy Fit Massage Machine - Maximum User Weight 150kg